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Local businesses find out that their attempts to recycle don’t work

(WCBD) – CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. In the Lowcountry, it is hard for local businesses, like The Co-op on the Isle of Palms, to recycle glass.

The Co-op, which has two stores on beaches in the Lowcountry, is serious about recycling. After their trash company, Carolina Waste, put their trash and recycling bins in the same van, they started looking for answers.

Anna Bainbridge, the manager of The Co-op, said, “That’s always been a big worry for the owner.”

“Supporting recycling is the right thing to do and a way to give back to the community.”

The frosé wine mix from the Co-op is well-known. The company sells the drink in OG Strawberry, Prickly Pear, and other flavors.

For the frosé to be made, a lot of wine is needed. Since the bottles come in cardboard boxes, the Co-op has a big pile of things that can recycle.

Bainbridge says they had to ask for the recycling pickup to go from once a week to twice a week. That is until a worker saw Carolina Waste throwing away all of their recycling.

She saw them putting trash and recycling into the same truck, making her wonder, “Well, what’s the point?” Bainbridge asked questions.

Waste and recyclables are “separated once they get to their plant,” according to Bainbridge. She called Carolina Waste to find out what the worker had seen, and Carolina Waste also told the Co-op that they no longer took a glass.

“They told us we must find a different way to get rid of our glass,” Bainbridge told News 2 that they told him that they were no longer taking a glass.

To have less of an effect on the environment, business owners spend time and money to separate glass from other trash.

We called Carolina Waste to find out if they knew what was happening. They said they didn’t want to be on camera, but they did answer some of our questions.

When asked about The Co-assertion, the ops didn’t say anything good or bad.

Carolina Waste says that it all comes down to “contamination,” and they bring it up in their answers to five of our six questions.

They said that contamination is “a key factor that affects recycling operations” and that it is “often the reason why materials that  would otherwise recycle have to be thrown away instead.”

With summer coming up and people getting ready to drink frosé all day, the Co-op has made a change to ensure that its recycling efforts are profitable. They are now using a different company to recycle. They say that changes need to be made to the environment.

Just do your part, everyone! Just that is what we are trying to do. Bainbridge added, “I’m just making sure it gets done.”